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Tantric rituals Düsseldorf

Rituals: All rituals with soapy shower ritual, to-meet-ritual, senses irritation ritual, massage back, Ying-Yang-compensation massage and ...

Ritual Hochzeit:
indian Wedding with Massage and Feelings, lingam-yoni-ritual,shower-soap-ritual, with mutual action, tantric lingam kisses, ying-yang-balancing, tantric-love ritual
2,0h - 400 Euro
3,0h - 550 Euro

Ritual Dreamgirl (incl. yonimassage extract leasson):
Girlfriendfeeling Massage with kisses, lingam-yoni-ritual,shower-soap-ritual, with mutual action, tantric lingam kisses, yonimassage extract leasson with feedback, ying-yang-balancing, tantric love ritual or other final action
2,0h - 450 Euro

Ritual Indian OIl:
special Massage on Massagetable with hole (gloryhole), sensual massage, lingam kisses, tantric-love Ritual
2,0h - 400 Euro

Mystic Night:
Wonderfull ritual treatment full evening ... indian massage with feelings, yoni massage leasson, with mutual action, massage on sukebe chair, massage on massagetable with hole (gloryhole), ying-yang-balancing, tantric love-ritual
3,5h - 700 Euro

Tantric Overnight:
very special treatment, one evening and one morning - tantra adventure - write email for further informationsor details about treatments write me a email:

email: post.tantrasphere[at]

My location is outside düsseldorf! 25-30 Minutes from city by car