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Increase sexual energy and arousal, Düsseldorf

Sex is no real fun, because you lack the desire and your excitement is not enough? A Sympthom which occurs more and more frequently, probably the affected person is medically completely healthy. Men suffer enormously from this fact and some try with pills to get the situation under control. But often this fact is a balance of life: Stress - Pressure - Lack of time - Expectations - Overconsumption of the sex industry through medial floodingand a partner who may not even be spouting great sexual energy can be the trigger. But also long-term relationships, which are retracted in the sexuality and bring no new inspirations more, lead to such a no-fun factor.You want to change that? My workshop will get you back on the road to being a man again, full of lust and libido! Effective tantric lessons that increase arousal, boost potency, and enhance orgasm skills you can learn and practice in everyday life. Strengthening the Kundalini and training relevantmuscles provide a boost in sexual energy.The Rice Threshold drops and the arousal occurs quickly and persists.

Mens World Workshop to increase libido and arousal: 2.0 hours - 280 euros

Delay sexual energy and enjoy it longer, Düsseldorf

Your sexual energy is quickly present and would like to discharge just as quickly, before the act really got going? This frustrates you, because you want to give your partner longer enjoyment. And you do not really get it under control? My workshop will show you how to delay orgasm with tantric tricks. It does not matter if it happens during a sexual act or during an external stimulation(oral or otherwise). For each scenario, you'll get a module that can delay orgasm for up to 1.5 hours. Do not worry: the lessons are highly effective and applicable to any man without major studies. Embedded here are special breathing techniques, exercises from the progressive muscle relaxation and the stimulation of certain trigger points on the body, which help you easily and quickly to longer fun during sex.

Mens World Workshop on Delaying Sexual Energy and Orgasm:2.0 hours - 280 euros