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Maithunaritual, Düsseldorf

Curious to see Maithuna in real life? That's too hard - that's not possible with you?

This is a fairy tale, because in principle everyone can perform and experience Maithuna. But most do not have the tools to do it at all. For this is more necessary than to unite and now to wait for the ecstasy. And with a little back and forth it is not enough. Because that's not how Maithuna works! You have to be prepared, physically and mentally, to succeed.Achieving "true" Maithuna means enlightenment and ecstasy.

This workshop is about achieving the prerequisites for Matihuna to practice a perennial unification ritual. The duration is not important, but the technique, the maintenance of consciousness, the breathing and the deliberate guidance of the sexual energy. Because in the Maithuna Fusion little movement takes place - the couple unite and remains with their common sexual energy "at the beginning" instead of a fast orgasm pull out. This effective process is supported by targeted breathing, muscle contractionsand targeted concentration.

The Maithuna process becomes independent over time, so your concentration is only needed initially. Once this condition has occurred, the process can be completed without interruption.The form of energy conservation and control ensures that the sexual energy can rise through the chakras and enlightenment is possible. This is manifested in the form of a special whole-body orgasm, which runs repeatedly from head to toe, accompanied by an unbelievable lasting feeling of happiness, infinitepeace and universal closeness.

Maithuna is a form of dimensional transgression, because even crazy visions are possible in this process. The couple merges into one big whole; the ego is completely discarded and you experience your true. Maithuna is for couples who love each other, a developmental progress for an eternal love and connectedness.

This experience workshop incorporates techniques of kundalini awakening, special breathing techniques and physical exercises and tools for sexual awareness, guidance and control of sexual energy to achieve the Maithuna and ecstasy in the enlightenment process.

3.0 hours - 500 euro