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Energy full body Orgasm, Düsseldorf

Experience a full body orgasm without intimate touch? That is possible? YES! The partners walk on an energetic level and may even experience an inner orgasm that runs through the body - waving and possibly recurring. For this purpose, various methods are used to awaken and guide the kundalini energy.Characteristic is the fact that the sexual energy is indeed uploaded but at the same time the tension is maintained. In a normal orgasm, this is different, because the tension is looking for a valve and discharges in the form of a physical orgasm. Here, however, you stay in that state, so that the energy then discharges inward and pulls itself through the cells of the body for a long time, circulating and triggering unforeseen feelings of happiness. Sometimes the condition can last extremely long and take ecstasy-like forms.The full body orgasm is not a fairytale but an energetic phenomenon. Maybe you have experienced an orgasm while sleeping? If so, it shows that it is possible to experience sexual orgasms without being physically active. It is the energy that flows throughout the body and is able to experience movement or strong sensations. And that is exactly what we are dealing with, because you can guide it! When you are ready and giving yourself to this flow of energy, you can achieve enlightenment-like states that you have never known before.

Strong feelings, emotions, love of love and deep peace can capture you and carry you on a wave.* Basically, we are influenced by evolutionary factors. The sex and the orgasm must go quickly - also so that no rival gets the chance. The comparison with the wildlife does not seem to be far away. This information is still in us and therefore we have not learned to use our sexual energy differently. The climax or orgasm is the goal, because without him there is no reproduction. From these ancient patterns we can part and get acquainted with other forms of how we use sexual energy. All we have to do is make the decision to allow other patterns of experience. How to do that you will learn in my workshop.In this workshop, you will learn how to guide, play and control the sexual energy so that you too can take this adventure journey. Special breathing exercises, Kundalini tools, guided body meditation, bioenergetics, concentration and awareness lessons, and partner exercises help you experience the state of long-lasting inner ecstasy.

Full Body Energy Orgasmic Seminar for couples and singles (no groups): Saturdays: 13-18h incl. Breaks and drinks (request alternative dates)

Single: 490 eurosCouples: 590 euros